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ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-07-2015 08:21 AM

[Image: logo.png]
[Image: PdVJnMf.png]
Perfect War & Cavebot for private servers

-TCL Scripting language (scripts similar to ekx & low ElfBot NG)
-Built-in fast healer
-Cavebot (A*/very fast) Rope,lader,shovel, action etc.
-Possibility to make full afk scripts with refillers, depositers
-Targeting (keep distance, lure monster, change attack mode, radius, switch battle stance,alarms and more)
-Looter (faster than server, you will see) pick up to bp, drop to ground, open next bp
-Collecting items around you (spears, small stones etc)
-Show invisible monsters
-Precise aimbot
-Light hack
-Reopen backpack if main bp is closed
-Built-in whitelist
-Creature Spy
-Click Reuse
-Force non-pvp mode
-Alarms on player on screen, gm detected and disconnected
-Lists (enemies & friends)
-Heal friends
-Auto updater
-Magic Wall Timers
-Combo leader
-Posibility to extend bot function via init.tcl file

[Image: NzMNh8E.png?1]
[Image: QFemb3G.png]
[Image: LPTAZNp.png]
[Image: nfznM6S.png]
[Image: dSK9XzJ.png]
[Image: xVxfiO6.png]
[Image: DAqwCPH.png]
[Image: J21P87h.png]
[Image: e25789c00ed1866a1a38b79bbc4da2f9.gif]
[Image: 9ec7ab81fc3339fdb8faca928433b7e7.gif]
[Image: 9f81c645975563445f35913533d72336.gif]


Click here
(Antiviruses dont like ElfBot, download may be blocked or removed)
Compatible vars and procs:

RE: Classicus Closed Beta - Lord - 12-09-2015 04:46 AM

Release 08/12/2015
Fixed some bugs with scripts
Added support for Odnz client (please press alt+f8 to turn on engine, you should see ElfBot NG in topleft corner)

To patch version replace all files and run elfbot_se.exe

RE: Classicus Closed Beta - Lord - 12-11-2015 07:46 AM

Update 10/12/15:
-Implemented autoupdater
-Hide userdata in %appdata%
-Fixed persistents (thread safe now)
-Add support for demonia.org
-Detects if dll injection failed and no rights for admin
Download is the same

RE: Classicus Closed Beta - Lord - 12-12-2015 07:25 AM

Update 11/12/15
-Improved speed of useoncreature
-Posibility to loot items everytime
-Added function pause to freeze bot globally
also, P in alerts in Cavebot do the same thing.

When you check eg. Alerts, Player on Screen P and player will walk into screen bot will not send any packet etc. No action will be executed from elfbot.
Same as script:
if $isgmdetected>0 pause

To unpause bot please click Unpause in main menu.
Make sure first that no pause conditions are triggered else your elfbot will pause again

Please check up speed of aiming on h lvl players

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-15-2015 08:45 AM

Update 14/12/15
Fixed selfhealing when blood under player
Fixed backuping of user licence

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-18-2015 06:58 AM

Update 17/12/15
*Implemented Fast AIM option (disables calculation of stack pos, increase speed of player aiming)
*Disable FPU InvalidFloatOP
*Fixed RealisticWar client support
*Added wildcard symbol "*" in Lists - useful for wargamings
Explanation: if you add player called * to enemies list, elfbot will mark every creature as $enemy (with mark teams option it change all creatureses outfit colours to red)

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-20-2015 03:17 AM

Update 19/12/15
*Added Oldera support
*Licence time is now displaying above code
*Healer is now healing only below value

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-21-2015 07:39 AM

Update 20/12/15
*New Save & Load
*Included monitor

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-25-2015 06:55 AM

Update 24/12/15
*Looter is now waiting till dead monster is change into corpse (changable interval)
*Switch open bags in corpses
*Script thread now waits only 1 ms per iteration (auto 250 = 250 ms)
*Looter should not open corpses in keep distance mode
*Force login option for registered licences (fixing bug issue with connecting old windows xp in some cases)
playersabove - resulting count of players on all floors above players (max 2 if underground)
playersbelow - resulting count of players on floors below
playersradius {r} - resulting count of players in {R} sqm around you
monstersradius {r} - resulting count of monsters in {R} sqm around you

RE: ElfBot 5.7.72 - Lord - 12-27-2015 05:37 AM

Update 26/12/15
* $skull - not null if PK or RS on screen
* $soul - return player soul points
* $standtime - time in miliseconds, increase when players stands still on same SQM, resets when move, eg. 40000 is 40 seconds
* facetomonster - facing to monsters, dont work on small intervals in targeting
* Containers are now stored in ElfBot memory
* useoncreature works faster
* Now in Hotkeys you can see which key is binded for.
* DLL Injected Box is no more hidden by ElfBot Window
* ElfBot loots from Bags